Ep 17: Toxin Detectors

Join Tony & Darryl as Healthy Homecast interviews Caroline Bearss & Scot Appert.
They are most passionate about creating healthy living/working environments high levels of toxicity in the built environment from voc’s, mold, electromagnetic fields etc that they can id and offer mitigation solutions for.

54 min 49 sec
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Eckhart Tolle “”A New Earth””
“”The Bible””
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$50 off an inspection
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Rain Garden Planting Party: West Seattle
SustainableWest Seattle @ Farmers Market
Community Harvest of Southwest Seattle Glean Fruit
EP17 Acknowledgments:
Recorded by: Tony Freiss
Mixed by: Randy Parcel
Created & produced by: Darryl Whalen
Videotaped & edited by: Michael Schwartz
Original music created, performed & used with permission by:
Intro: John Henry Scully
Middle: Dan Fajans
Outro: JD Hobson