Ep 08: Pathway Design & Construction

Join Tony & Darryl as Healthy Homecast interviews Doug Kennedy.
Pathway Design & Construction http://pathwaydc.com/ is committed to a relationship between fine craftsmanship and environmental harmony.
As the Director of Operations, Doug’s additional commitment is to the symbiotic relationship between an individual’s health, residence and the environment.

67 min 20 sec
Contact Doug Kennedy at:
Doug’s recommended sites:
American Lung Association in Washington
tm4 Group
NW EcoBuilding Guild National Center for Healthy Housing
Doug’s recommended books:
Vance Packard “”The Waste Makers””
Paul Loeb “”Soul of a Citizen””,
“”The Impossible Will Take a Little While””
Henry David Thoreau “”Walden””,
“”Civil Disobedience””

Ep 8 event resources:
Cascade Bicycle Club
Oregon Lung Association
Cascade Harvest Coalition
EP08 Acknowledgments:
Recorded by: Tony Freiss
Mixed by: Randy Parcel
Created & produced by: Darryl Whalen
Videotaped & edited by: Michael Schwartz
Original music created, performed & used with permission by:
Intro: John Henry Scully
Middle: Dan Fajans
Outro: JD Hobson