Ep 02: Healthy Painting, L.L.C.

Join Tony & Darryl as Healthy Homecast interviews Darryl Whalen.
Healthy Painting offers 100% guaranteed, environmentally responsible interior & exterior painting, painting related services, educational presentations and consultations.
As the Owner, Darryl Whalen is a licensed, bonded, insured, lead certified painter that has been an active contractor since 1978.

51 min 20 sec
Contact Darryl Whalen at:
Darryl’s recommended sites:
DJ Buddy Love
American Lung Association in Washington
National Center for Healthy Housing
Seattle Area Built Green
Darryl’s recommended books:
John Jantsch “”Duct Tape Marketing””
Ep 2 event resources:
NW EcoBuilding Guild
Seattle Greendrinks
EP02 Acknowledgments:
Recorded by: Tony Freiss
Mixed by: Randy Parcel
Created & produced by: Darryl Whalen
Videotaped & edited by: Michael Schwartz
Original music created, performed & used with permission by:
Intro: John Henry Scully
Middle: Dan Fajans
Outro: JD Hobson