Ep 14: Conscientious Marketing

Join Tony & Darryl as Healthy Homecast interviews Ann Dorn.
Ann loves connecting readers with local green and holistic resources. She communicates that many small businesses do a fantastic job of creating a beautiful space, developing wonderful offerings and are genuinely excited to earn money and make the world a better place at the same time, but they stop short of inviting the public into their business or services. She is proud to offer a level of service that she feels is unmatched in the advertising industry today.

54 min 27 sec
Contact Ann Dorn at:
206-788-7313 or

Ann’s recommended books:
Michael Pollan “”The Omnivore’s Dilemma””
Joel Salatin “”Everything I Want to do is Illegal””
Barbara Kingsolver “”Animal, Vegetable, Miracle””
Ep 14 event resources:
Geology of Downtown Buildings Walk
Duwamish River Cruise
Harvest Fair 2011
EP14 Acknowledgments:
Recorded by: Tony Freiss
Mixed by: Randy Parcel
Created & produced by: Darryl Whalen
Videotaped & edited by: Michael Schwartz
Original music created, performed & used with permission by:
Intro: John Henry Scully
Middle: Dan Fajans
Outro: JD Hobson